Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An Announcement: Just The Facts

Who: Me and Studley.
What: Got engaged.
When: 14 years (yes, really) to the day that we met.
Where: Front pew of the Pantheon, Rome, Italy.

Why: Now, there's a question that's hard to answer. Studley had been planning this for a year, apparently. Let's see...

Maybe it was the engagement chicken recipe I cooked a few months ago. I did it as a joke, but maybe it really worked.

Or perhaps he decided to lift the dreaded Sweater Curse. I had refused to knit him a sweater for years, citing the curse as a reason. In truth, he's not had a sweater before now because I'm actually a lazy, selfish knitter, and would rather give him a hat or a pair of socks. Far quicker, and more likely to fit.

Or could it be (and I'm going out on a limb here) that the man loves the very bones of me, and decided after 14 long years of looking after his every need, that I deserved a bit more than a box of chocolates and a peck on the cheek, and because I love him so very much that I am prepared to put up with the sort of stuff that would drive any other sane woman completely around the bend?

Well whatever the reason, it's done. We're officially engaged, and that there is a picture of my ring. Don't expect the Bridezilla act just yet - I'm not prepared to even contemplate the stress of planning a wedding at the moment.

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas and as happy a holiday season as we did. I wish you all a brilliant new year.

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