Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thank You!

My 13th Anniversary took me out and away on a lovely train journey to meet up with Studley for a long leisurely lunch, after which we took a little walk around a pleasant town with a charity shop selling these:

"The Complete Book of Traditional Knitting" Rae Compton
"The Complete Book of Traditional Aran Knitting" Shelagh Hollingsworth
"The Complete Book of Traditional Fair Isle Knitting" Sheila McGregor
"Traditional Knitting in the British Isles" Gwyn Morgan

Chuck in "Knitting in Vogue", volumes 1 & 2, plus a copy of "Mary Thomas's Knitting Patterns", all in pristine condition I might add, and I happily passed just under £25 to the salesperson. To heck with the fact that I already own three of the seven books.

And then I thought, "Oh, no, more books. He'll tell me off. He'll make me give them back!"

But I can't possibly. I rescued them. They're mine.

I struggled to Studley's side with my haul. I goo-goo eyed him. I told him the price.

"Babe," he said, with a twinkle in his eyes, "you've got some bargains there. Would you like me to help you carry them?"

What a treasure.

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