Monday, 7 December 2009

A Tearful Goodbye...

Saturday was not good. It was with a heavy heart that I trudged around my local Borders bookshop, as they have started their closing down sale this week, the British stores having gone into receivership, and are closing down across the country. There wasn't much in the way of rich pickings, as the books I was interested in were only reduced by 20%, and there wasn't that much in the way of choice. As they near their closing date - which has not been announced yet - maybe the prices will come down a bit more. Another bolt hole gone (Boo-hoo). I wonder where their Knitting Group will meet now?

Even sadder, I had entered their photography competion, hoping to win an adventure holiday, or at least a new digital camera.

The picture above was the one I entered - not of me, but of a lovely couple I met in Madrid, who run this beautiful family business in Madrid. They didn't speak a word of English, nor I of Spanish, but they were so lovely to me, and the yarn was so beautiful and "fondlesome", I couldn't resist dropping a chunk of change there.

I could have won, or at least "I could have been a contender". We'll never know now.

Bye bye, Borders. I'll miss you.

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